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Greetings to all,


My name is Mrs. Tykese Brodnax.  I am the founder of UniverCity. UniverCity was birthed from a traumatic childhood that was full of despair, neglect and adversity.  I was determined not to be a product of my environment.  Through the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my determination and the many mentors whom God placed in my life I was able to overcome the various challenges that I faced.  It is my goal to share with others my story of hope and how to overcome adversity.  I pray that my passion to positively impact the youth and young adults of the Mid-South will inspire others to join me. 

There are so many youth and young adults who have or is experiencing various adversities throughout their lives and those adversities have caused them to give up, and create hostility in various communities for themselves and others. UniverCity will grant all youth and young adults the chance of hope.  Performing programs such as UniverCity helps to offset the possibilities of crowded correctional facilities, educational barriers, malnourished children, and community deterioration.  Ideally the service offered at UniverCity is to counter attack potential problematic areas for our lower-income communities.  So help me inspire our youth and young adults.

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